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We Can Change the World Together

Building a better, sustainable way of life by working inside out.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is rooted in the concept that multiple factors affect a company’s actions. As such, here are four areas of corporate social responsibility and a few examples of our commitment in each of these areas:


  • Promote environmental stewardship and resource conservation.
  • Bring sustainability practices to customer projects.
  • Apply sustainability to internal operations.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.


  • Use sustainable supply chains—from extraction to disposal.
  • Deliver high-quality products and services.
  • Act with integrity in our dealings with customers and suppliers.


  • Develop and implement safety strategies and policies.
  • Demonstrate commitment to integrity and diversity.
  • Implement sustainable talent management policies and procedures.
  • Advance employee development using our online learning management system.


  • Focus corporate-giving programs on areas of stakeholder value.
  • Give back to local communities through volunteerism.
  • Support innovative projects and solutions in communities where we work and live.
  • Demonstrate integrity and sustainability in the marketplaces we serve.

We lay a strong emphasis on CSR and environmental sustainability. Partnering with 3 other factories in the Tirupur belt, we have undertaken a “Vanathukul Tirupur” project with the aim of increasing the green cover. In 2016, we planted 225,000 saplings and now have a dedicated labour force to ensure that the plants are watered daily and cared for throughout the year.

We go beyond the basic statutory ESIC provisions and provide all our staff with medical insurance and allied medical facilities free of cost.A happy workforce is a productive workforce.


Ethical hiring & standards.

We are always in a quest to make our systems better and thus periodically think on improving them. We firmly believe that beautiful products can only be made by people who are satisfied internally and thus we involve our workers in making decisions that help them being more productive.


No Discrimination

Employment conditions are based on an individual’s ability to perform the particular task irrespective of the person’s gender, origin or religion.


Health and Safety

Emphasis is given to safer factory day-to-day operations and facilities to achieve less than 1 percent work related accidents or injuries.

Not only we discourage under age labour but also we do help our employees get their children admitted in schools for quality education.
Not only we discourage under age labour but also we do help our employees get their children admitted in schools for quality education.

We believe that social compliance is a journey best travelled with our workforce. Its a belief which stems from understanding that the transparent systems we deploy for improving social, environmental and economic sectors affect the lives of our customers, communities and employees.

Ethical Psychology

We believe ethical vision is the key to success. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity no matter where they fall in the hierarchy. Our respect for labour, comfort of flexible timings and better salaries are some of the advantages known in the local market for joining us and thus we never fall short of workers.



Payments on time is one of the measures taken because of which we have a very low employee turnover.


Green WorkPlace

– Shutting down the lights when not required

– Recycling etc are some of the initiatives taken on field.