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Founded in 1988 with the aim of enhancing the textile and apparel manufacturing industry, Majestic Exports has successfully built a vibrant industrial platform in this segment. With an exclusive worldwide license to design, manufacture and distribute, Majestic Exports offers its customers an unparalleled range of fashionable attire.

The founding father, Kandasamy K is a man with a great vision. When he founded the company nearly 3 decades ago, his dream was to see Majestic Exports rise above all other garment companies, in a class of its own. Over the past 30+ years, Majestic Exports has undoubtedly proved to be the vanguard in the industry.

From a modest turnover of U$ 0.2 million in the 1980s, the company can today proudly lay claim to an annual turnover of US $ 28 million. We have achieved these figures not only by dint of hard work but by our unfailing commitment to quality in all we do.

” State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities like high-speed stitching, automatic collar & cuff trimming, knitting, fabric inspection, dyeing, and other processes. “


An experienced and dedicated management team at the helm of the company guides and inspires the organization to accelerate growth. We bring to the retailers’ shelves close to 30 years’ experience in the garment manufacturing industry. This experience is qualified not merely by the number of years, but by the efforts and improvements that have gone into our manufacturing process to enhance the end product and give us a cutting edge over others in the industry.

Krishnan (CEO) and Sundaram (COO) work in close association with the founder to convert his business dreams into reality. Krishnan, endowed with an astute business sense oversees company strategies and decisions ensuring that the organization’s focus does not change track and business continues along the projected trajectory. Sundaram, a veritable hands-on individual, ensures that all departments license for optimum operational efficiency. Through clear communication and operation channels, the CEO and COO guarantee flawless production.



Majestic Exports is a proud Gold WRAP certified facility. [Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production] This achievement goes beyond simply passing an audit; it involves a collaborative approach to social compliance certification in keeping with the 12 principles of the accrediting body.

Majestic Exports has year after year earned the prestigious OEKO TEX ® – STANDARD 100 Certificate. This product certification according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® provides companies along the textile chain with an ideal tool and clear added value for their operational quality assurance.

Majestic Exports has successfully met the BSCI standards for Environmental and Social accountability management.